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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

How to have the best night sleep

Hi everyone, I'm writing today all about getting a better night sleep. I'm normally a pretty good sleeper, but sometimes I do need a bit of a helping hand, especially living in a uni house full of noisy boys! 

Put that phone down
Sometimes you just need to stop scrolling and put the phone away. Instead of staring at my phone, I much prefer reading a book. It really relaxes me, and puts me in the mood to sleep. My personal favourite is Harry Potter, because I'm a major Harry Potter geek! 

Write stuff down so you don't have to think about it
Sometimes there's times when you want to sleep but just keep thinking about things you need to do. At times like this I like to write these thoughts down. This way, I am able to push it out my head and deal with it when I wake up the next day. 

Pop in some earplugs 
As I've already said, I live in a uni house with 2 unbelievably loud boys, 1 of which will never be quiet even after the 10th time of asking. This is why I wear earplugs every night whilst I'm at uni. I find that foam earplugs do nothing, so I wear silicone earplugs and can't hear anything at all. They help me sleep through any drunken-antics going on downstairs, and I'll even use them when I need to focus on uni work.

Have a routine
My top tips for creating a sleep routine is to try and fall asleep at the same time, try and get a solid 8 hours sleep, and wake up at roughly the same time. I feel like my body clock has adjusted to my routine and now I wake up at the same time regardless of setting an alarm. I'm also pretty prone to migraines and headaches, and sounds strange, but if I sleep for too long I get a headache for the whole day. This is why I get 8 hours sleep and no more than that!

Sleepy scents
Lavender sleep products seem to have gotten even more popular recently. I personally love the Sleepy body lotion by Lush, it smells and feels amazing! I am yet to try their sleep spray but that'll definitely be my next purchase from them.

Clean your sheets often
There is no better feeling than getting into a nice clean and fresh bed. I feel like I relax so much easier and get more comfortable. 

Stop working early
If you work from home or are a student you may be tempted to stay up late trying to catch up on work, but this'll mean its far more difficult to fall asleep. You're mind will still be working overdrive and hasn't had time to relax. Stop work early, have some down time and enjoy a good night sleep! 

Jasmine xx


  1. These are some really great tips! I also try to not look at my phone before going to bed and it really helps me to fall asleep faster! :) xx

  2. good post and perfect product ! xxx
    new follower xx

  3. I love your tips! A good bedtime routine can be very helpful in getting a good night's sleep. I always find it hard to switch off my phone at night and not go on it, but it definitely is so beneficial when you do have that no screen time xx

    Lauren |

  4. love this post, i always struggle to wind down when i go on my phone late at night and also eating certain thinngs that make my brain active xx

  5. Having clean sheets will always make going to bed a whole lot more fun xx

  6. I definitely need to stop working so late. I'm terrible for putting things off until last minute, and then wondering why I can't sleep. Great post xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  7. Lovely post, clean sheets and a book in bed with a camomile tea half an hour before bed is the dream for me!


  8. I love these tips! I have a tendency to be an insomniac sometimes so sleeping can be a bit of a struggle. I definitely need to invest in some earplugs while I'm at college, my three roommates can be quite loud sometimes! xx

    Dany | Danielle Reine

  9. I do the writing down trick too :) it's so much easier to relax once I've made a list of stuff to worry about tomorrow! Also agree that getting away from screens is so important

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  10. I really need to try the Sleepy lotion as everyone loves it and I always struggle with trying to get to sleep xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

  11. Clean sheets are just the best!


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