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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

My skincare routine and favourites

Hi everyone, today's post is my skincare routine and other favourite skin products. I've never had any bad acne or anything, but I am pretty blemish prone. My skin has gotten so much better recently, and I think it's been down to the products I've been using. So here is my skincare routine and favourites...

Garnier - Micellar Cleansing Water
This is my staple, I use it everyday and love it. I have used both the combination and original version and they both work great. I use it to take my makeup off, and use it so cleanse my skin when I don't have makeup on and need a quick fix. I won't talk too much about it, as I think most people have used this now and everyone loves it! 

Soap and Glory - Face Soap and Clarity 3-in-1 Daily Vitamin C Facial Wash
I use this stuff in the shower to wash and cleanse my face. The Yuzu complex in the face wash leaves my face feeling super fresh and completely clean. It also works well to remove my makeup. It's also only £8 so really affordable! 

Pixi - Glow Tonic
If you haven't yet tried this out then you have to! This is my favourite skin care product ever, and I'm pretty sure this is the product that has done wonders for my skin! It is a 5% glycolic acid exfoliating toner, and has worked so well to clean up my skin. This is probably my 6th bottle (at least, maybe more), and it is completely worth the money. 

The Ordinary - Salicylic Acid 2% Solution
This solution works well to combat blemishes, and it is marketed for blemish-prone skin. It's really affordable, no gimmick product and works well if you don't want to splash out on a super expensive acid solution. You need barely any of it, and is good value! 

Clinique - All about eyes rich
This is a really lovely thick eye cream, and makes my eyes feel really hydrated and awake. It's quite pricey, but you need barely any of it, and so it lasts for ages. Clinique often do offers on their skincare, so keep an eye out for that!

Clinique - Moisture Surge
Another one of my holy grail products that I can't live without. This is a super hydrating product that leaves my skin feeling soft and plump. Like the glow tonic, I've re-bought this a lot, this is probably my 5th tub. It is my go-to moisturiser and my skincare routine wouldn't be the same without it! 

Hope you've liked this post, let me know your skincare recommendations so I can try some new things too! 

Jasmine xx



  1. Spotted some of my faves here! The glow tonic and moisture surge are my faves!xx

    Lucy |

  2. i seriously need to try the pixi glow tonic it looks amazing xx

    1. I love it, although it did nothing for my mum, maybe try the travel size first to test it out xx

  3. Oh girl, you are my one of top inspiration! Such a great review and im gonna try them soon!

    Alexandra Udinov
    How to Get Perfect Eye Catching Colored-Eyeliner

  4. I've heard so many good things about the pixi glo tonic, and i totally want to try it out.

    1. Definitely give it a go, they have a travel size so you can test it out before buying the big bottle xx

  5. Oh I love this Clinique range and the pixi tonic! Thanks for sharing your routine lovely xx

  6. I absolutely love the Pixi Glow Tonic and the Ordinary Salicylic Acid :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  7. That Vitamin C Facial Wash sounds so good.


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