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Friday, 18 December 2015

Affordable Autumn and Winter Nail Polishes

Hi everyone,  with Autumn and Winter being my favourite time of the year, finding the perfect inexpensive nail polish colours is essential. These are some of my favourite nail polishes for this time of the year that are affordable and look great with a glitter accent nail or top coat!

The first one is the Barry M Gelly High Shine in the colour Chai. I love all these kind of grey toned nail polishes as they look great with any outfit or jewellery. Barry M nail polishes are also really well pigmented and tend not to chip that quickly. 

Keeping with the good formulation of Barry M nail polishes, the Barry M Gelly High Shine in the colour Lychee is one I've heard a lot of hype about. I completely see why people love it as the shade, like Chai, goes with everything. It's slightly more of a yellow toned beige but I really like that. You need a couple more coats of this than you do for Chai, but it doesn't chip too easily.

Leighton Denny have really well formulated nail polishes, but I thought Gem Stone Buzz was the essential deep red for Autumn. Autumn nails always make me think of this kind of colour, and looks great with a clear topcoat for extra shine. This one also lasts really well on your nails.

Some of my favourite affordable nail polishes come from Rimmel as they're a bargain, and often, in Boots or Superdrug, have some sort of offer on them. As an alternative to the quite nude or quite dark, this Rimmel London 60 Seconds Super Shine in Caramel Cupcake is the perfect pinky neutral. It's perfect if you don't want anything to outgoing or noticeable. These nail polishes also dry really quickly and have a great shine to them. They ship a little easier than the others, but putting a top coat on over this really helps!

Thanks for reading, if you have any other autumn nail polishes, please comment them because I would love to try some new ones! 

Jasmine x


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  1. I love Barry M's Lychee, it is beautiful and I also love Leighton Denny's nail polishes. I got a few of the mini versions in a gift box. Amazing post!
    Grace xx


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