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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Top 5 Favourite Candles

Hi everyone, todays post is most top 5 favourite candles. It's just a little post because I am pretty hopeless at describing scents, but all 5 are very sweet, so if you prefer musky scents, these may not be for you. Give them a smell when you're next shopping, especially Yankee Candle's 'Pink Sands' because it's my all time favourite! They'd also make great presents for any candle lover.

Yankee Candle - 'Sweet Apple'
Lily Flame - 'Party Time'
Yankee Candle - 'Pink Sands'
Yankee Candle - 'Margarita Time'
Yankee Candle - 'Wild Passion Fruit'

'Wild Passion Fruit' was the first ever Yankee Candle I bought, and when I had it in the small jar, it was such a lovely strong scent that fills a room amazingly!

Thanks for reading
Jasmine x

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