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Sunday, 18 December 2016

My University Experience So Far

Hey everyone, I thought I'd write a little blogpost on my university experience so far. This might be interesting for those of you trying to decide whether or not to go to university or maybe if you're already at university and just wandering how over people are finding university.

Personally the homesickness kicked in very early in the first and second week, but since then I've been absolutely fine and settled in really well.

Before I carry on with all the great things about university, I guess I had better get the bad thongs out of the way. So before coming to university I'll admit I wasn't the tidiest, in fact my mum was pretty sure I'd be the messiest person at university, but university has turned me into a bit of a clean freak. As much as this could be seen as a good thing, the only reason this has happened is because the kitchen is normally always a disgusting and messy. People leave there stuff anywhere, leave their rubbish lying around for days or until someone tidies for them and don't wash up for days so there are dirty plates everywhere. Also, one flatmate decided to cut her toenails in the kitchen and leave all the clippings everywhere... I know, its disgusting. This is something I'm still trying to deal, and I'm just hoping people are tidier next term.

When living with strangers its inevitable that there will be arguments, and trust me we've had a lot. We're all making more effort now to get along but there have been many house meetings to try and sort things out.

Money can be an issue. I was lucky enough to work lots over summer so have savings but for most of my house mates their motto is "out it on the overdraft". As long as you're careful with money you'll be fine, one of my house mates had far more money than me yet he still ended up with no overdraft left by the end of term, so you just need to budget well.

Now the good things... I love the independence I have from living away from home and being able to do whatever I want. I actually quite enjoy doing my own food shopping and looking after myself. Although sometimes having my mum at uni would be helpful just to force me to go into my seminars rather than sleep. My course overall is great and other than one module I'm really enjoying it. So far all my assessments have been coursework which has been great too. I live in Bath now and I love it here. Over Christmas its been hectic because of tourists visiting the Christmas markets, but its such a beautiful place to live. The nightlife is also pretty good, but most nights we go to the Student Union bar instead.

If you're at university then let me know what its been like for you so far!
Thanks for reading!

Jasmine xx



  1. All the bad things you said are exactly what my friend would tell me when she lived in halls! I couldn't do it, university is stressful enough let alone going home to that state and more stress! My friend also didn't get along with the majority of her flat mates which is another thing I'd hate. I hate conflict! I'm sure it is good to experience though!

    Sophie xx |

  2. Hey Jasmine!
    I'm currently in my second year and I can relate totally to this post. Hope things are settling now!
    Amber X


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